We are at the forefront of evolution for all digital content development. We design cutting edge, innovative and highly engaging learning and digital solutions that bring a behavioral change in your organization.

We believe in delivering learning experiences and digital solutions that transform businesses and change the mindset and behavior of learners.
To make our clients and their businesses successful. We grow when our clients grow.
We believe in listening to you and then use our experience to guide you on the best possible solution. Our solutions are tailor made for your specific needs. We don’t believe in the principle of one size fits all.
Our Team
We’re a tight knit team of instructional designers, content writers, visual designers, integrators, project managers, and problem-solvers ready to help you take your world-changing idea from concept to reality. We first approach our client’s problem statement and then craft custom learning solutions that best solve those problems.
Talat Dabir
Head of Operations and Project Management
Vibhakar Bobhate
Head of Visual Design
Tazeem Khan
Head of Technical Design
Sanjay Ajgaokar
Head of Visual Design
Imran Khan
Head of Technical Research Team
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