We are experts in developing custom content which is 100% responsive and WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 compliant in all the major domains - Induction, Compliance, Customer Experience, Sales and Leadership training. Our content is broken down into smaller micro learning bytes. These bytes are discreet and can be taken independently or as part of a larger curriculum.

Induction Training

It’s proven that 90% of the staff decide how long they will continue in the company basis their experience in the first two weeks of employment.

A good online Induction program is an effective solution for both employees and employers. A few advantages to note are the savings in operational costs, clear and consistent message sent to all employees, and ability to take training as per employee convenience; any time any device.
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Compliance Training

Most organizations and employees consider Compliance as a mundane, ‘check the box’ activity which is never engaging. At Zilliobit, we believe immersing the learners into real time, practical scenarios is the only way you can gain their attention. It builds their motivation and prepares them to take correct decisions when such a situation occurs.

Most of our Compliance courses include scenarios which are organization specific and narrate an authentic story. The staff is then required to answer what they’d do in such situations. The scenarios are followed by remedial content reinforcing the Compliance principle.
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Leadership Training

People say leaders are born, however, we’d like to believe that leadership qualities can be developed through effective leadership programs that are tailor made for the organization. For example, the decisions to be taken in a mature organization might vary from what needs to be addressed for a start-up. Likewise, leadership rules at the Senior Management level vs. Frontline executives will also differ.

Decisions in established vs. emerging markets will also vary.

We believe in developing programs which place the learner in the organization specific premise, then throw specific obstacles and check their reaction in such situations. The scenarios can be first provided as Guide scenarios taking the learner through these situations step-by-step. With slight tweak in situations and hardships, the scenarios can be tweaked as Practice scenarios. Leadership training is best taught with the help of conversational simulations.
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Customer Experience Training

Providing excellent Customer Experience means more than just selling a product or service. It provides an entire environment to your customers that complements your product or service. Understanding and utilizing all the ways in which your company interacts with your customers – especially the details – can enhance the time your customers spend with you and thus increase your revenue.

We believe in developing training solutions that mirrors the real-life sales and service scenarios and provides the learner an environment to take decisions in these scenarios.
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Sales Training

Effective sales people aren’t always the best talkers — they’re actually the most effective listeners. Instead of trying to stay one step ahead, an effective sales person carefully listens to the client’s needs.

Zilliobit develops sales training solutions that can be taken anywhere anytime – be it inside the office or while travelling on mobile devices. The solutions include micro learning bytes around product training, sales conversation training and training on brand building.

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Application Training Simulations

Whether you are rolling out a new application in your organization or inducting new staff in to using an existing application, application training simulation is the most sought-after need of a business.

Effective application training is more than just training on the application. It involves a series of decisions and the right steps the individual is required to make as part of the application usage. It’s also important that the individual is allowed to practice adequately in a training environment before making them work with live data. We design application training simulations that contextualize the learning through real-life scenarios that the employees will have to encounter on the job.

As a preferred mode, Guided Application simulations, where learner is prompted with instructions at all steps of the simulation is preferred. The learner is then required to click on the required steps.

The Demo simulations, which is self-running simulation can be provided as part of performance support post completion of online training.
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Interactive Videos

The purpose of an Interactive video is multifold. It immerses the learner in the video and then also tests them on the video content using hotspots and decision-making interactions.

We can also divide the video content into smaller learning bytes by indexing the video.
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