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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged as a powerful tool in the realm of learning and development. By blending virtual elements with real-world environments, AR provides an immersive and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional methods. In this blog, we will explore the value of AR in corporate training and discuss various applications and benefits of incorporating AR into learning strategies.

The Value of AR in Corporate Training

AR brings a multitude of benefits to corporate training programs. By generating a composite view that combines real-world scenes with computer-generated virtual scenes, AR creates a rich learning environment. It promotes “learn by doing” and challenges learners to explore new perspectives, driving intrinsic motivation and influencing behavior. AR also facilitates safe training environments, allowing learners to practice critical activities without any negative impact. Let’s now explore how AR can be leveraged in training strategies.
  1. AR for Performance Support

    AR can replace traditional job aids by providing immediate guidance when required. By placing AR aids on equipment, employees can receive on-the-spot support for tasks and functions that are seldom performed, enhancing their performance and efficiency.
  2. AR to Enhance Blended Classroom Training

    In classroom settings, learners can use AR mobile apps to access job aids, worksheets, examples, and assignments. AR content displayed through mobile devices creates an augmented classroom environment, making learning more engaging and interactive.
  3. Gamified AR

    AR and gamification are a perfect match. By creating immersive and engaging learning games, AR can transform training into an enjoyable experience. Employees can interact with customers and objects typically found in the workplace, enhancing their skills in a simulated yet realistic environment.
  4. Real-World Simulations with Interactive Objects

    Real-world simulations become even more engaging with AR. By adding clickable objects and hotspots, learners can interact with virtual elements in realistic environments. This integration of images, sounds, and processes familiar to learners enhances their understanding and retention of the training material.

Applications of AR in Learning and Development

AR finds applications in various industries and training contexts. Let’s explore some examples:
  1. Safety Training

    AR can enhance safety training programs by providing real-time guidance in emergency situations. Employees can use AR-enabled mobile apps to visualize evacuation paths, helping them navigate through hazardous scenarios effectively.
  2. Employee Onboarding

    AR can streamline the onboarding process by providing visual cues and directions to new employees. By using smart glasses or AR apps, new hires can easily locate colleagues, offices, and other resources within the organization.
  3. Medical Training

    AR is revolutionizing medical training by enabling complex procedures to be practiced in a risk-free virtual environment. Medical practitioners can simulate surgeries and other critical activities, honing their skills without endangering patients. AR also helps in diagnosing and determining treatment plans by overlaying virtual information on real-world settings.
  4. Engineering Training

    AR is valuable in engineering training, particularly for understanding complex systems and structures. By overlaying virtual information on real-world objects, learners can identify and comprehend intricate components. This applies to various industries, such as mechanics and construction, where AR simulations enhance knowledge and safety.
  5. Sales Training

    AR can be used in sales training to simulate real-world scenarios and interactions with customers. By using AR apps, sales representatives can practice handling different customer situations, improving their skills and building confidence.
  6. Language Learning

    AR can transform language learning by providing immersive experiences in real-world settings. Learners can explore their surroundings while receiving virtual language prompts and practicing conversations with virtual characters. This interactive approach enhances vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation skills.

Applications of AR in Learning and Development:

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