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Top 7 benefits of Personalized eLearning


Training is a central part of any Organization. Employees are expected to learn during the training sessions. During the training, employees are
expected to learn everything from brand integration to company details, all in one. However, we can bet that your employees would resist such training
sessions. In such scenarios, customized eLearning programs are appealing. Furthermore, personalized eLearning sessions can be far more alluring. The aim
is to offer learning ability to individuals at their own pace. These guarantees- higher engagement, commitment, and retention from individuals in the

Why is personalized learning important in the workplace?

Whether you have a team of ten or ten thousand employees, custom eLearning has many benefits to offer. Conducting group training for employees often
makes the business goals delusional. Hence, one of the most prominent benefits of personalized learning includes boosts in employee performance, along
with, attainable goals. As there are many such benefits, we will highlight the top 7 advantages of including personalized eLearning in your workplace:

  1. Tailored needs

    Learners are placed at the center and their requirements are set as priority. Hence, instead of
    focusing on merely the company goals, personalized learning offers individual opportunities for learners. It helps them understand their
    roles and responsibilities, along with, set their goals appropriately. When learning modules are based on individual requirements it
    attracts more attention and response.
  2. Self-Assertive

    When you are allowed to choose your learning pace, topics, and variations, you respond more
    reliably. Thus, Organizations must provide the opportunity to their workforce to stimulate their learning interest. Additionally, do not
    burden them with the outcome even before they take control of the seat. Once they start driving at their will they will start responding
    with determination. This will ultimately lead to the success of the Organization.
  3. Increased outcomes

    Organizations have a diverse workforce which means each employee has a distinctive working
    manner and outlook. While some may enjoy gamification, some may still be comfortable with the regular physical norms. Also, some may prefer
    videos while some employees may love to read and understand. It is thus vital for Organizations to provide custom made learning processes
    depending on the styles and preferences of the employees. Once they are in their comfort zone, they would be interacting with higher
    outcomes and definite results.
  4. Relevant Outcomes

    Training in corporations are organized for a large group of employees. While group participation
    might sound fascinating to employees, it might be an inefficient process for the Organization. While one set of your workforce might require
    the training, the others might not. Therefore, with personalized training, you can include relevant employees for relevant learning
    sessions. This makes the process effective for both employees as well as the organization.
  5. Increased Engagement

    Overall engagement is an added benefit in personalized learning. Furthermore, as some employees
    may be quick learners, some may be a little slow to understand. Hence, with personalized learning, learners can choose their levels of
    learning at their convenience. This helps them learn at their own pace which increases engagement at every level of learning. It also
    involves a direct level of involvement which instead leads to higher learning outcomes.
  6. Time-effective

    As schedules training as part of a Corporate lifestyle, it certainly isn’t enticing for
    employees. You must have witnessed how some employees are bored and hugely distracted during the regular training sessions. In such a
    scenario, personalized training is rather fascinating. They are not the regularly scheduled training offers to employees, rather a more
    custom session built only to meet their needs. The added benefit is that personalized learnings can be initiated even when Organizations
    feel employees need the added information. Organizations can provide such training to their workforce at respected timelines for more
    effective results at the required period.
  7. Higher Retention

    When employees are allowed to learn at their will, especially learning subjects of their
    interest, they are likely to enjoy the session more. As such, when employees learn with a happy heart and mind, they are bound to retain
    more information. Hence, personalized learning ensures higher retention with a more contented workforce.

Offering added benefits Organizations should certainly evaluate and formulate personalized learning in the workplace. In the present scenario,
technology is enabling comprehensive training techniques. Organizations can further support personalized sessions to individuals with enhanced
technology ability anywhere and anytime. Personalized learning added to your eLearning training can make it more cost-effective too.

Get in touch if you want to improve the learner experience by including personalised learning on their to-do list.

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