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5 reasons why you must go for Flash to HTML5 conversion


Since Companies are adapting to new age technology, it is time for a new change. As the world is moving towards a mobile platform, using advanced technology can help Companies achieve business goals. In such a scenario, Flash has become non-existent. In the modern tech era, the incompatibility is a challenge.

Thus, as a paradigm shift, after functioning for two decades, Adobe has announced to stop Flash by the end of 2020. Hence, it is significant that Companies migrate to HTML5 and flash developers will now be required to migrate to HTML5.

Why HTML5 is a better option than Flash?

If you’re wondering and apprehensive about the change, there are numerous ways on how you convert Flash to HTML5. However, what is more, and important is to understand why this change is essential. The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is your go-to technique. HTML5 offer versatility with no compatibility concerns like Flash. You will no longer require the latest Flash version to play a video. You can stream videos conveniently now with HTML5.
While there are many such advantages of converting Flash to HTML5, let’s understand a few of them here:
  1. Mobile Compatibility

    One of the major concerns for this change is the incompatibility of Flash with mobile devices. Converting Flash-based courses to HTML5 provides responsiveness and ensure their compatibility with multiples devices including laptops and desktops of different screen size, mobile device, and tablets. Your learners can now access your courses and content online anywhere. HTML5 can support Organizations to develop engaging eLearning courses for training their workforce. The employees can browse, attend and refer to the training at any specific time convenient to them.

    Thus, HTML5 based authoring tools make it convenient and interactive for users. The tools also support concrete gestures on the touchscreens. The users can swipe, tap or zoom through the courses. It provides an enhanced and engaging learning experience.
  2. Replace old Interactivities to new interactivities

    While using Flash, the developers had previously used many interactivities due to its ease. However, they kept on adding many unnecessary interactivities. The unwanted interactivities added can be distracting for users and learners. Thus, conversion offers the perfect opportunity to do away with such redundant interactivities.

    With the help of HTML5 authoring tools, you can build intuitive interactives. Tools like Articulate Storyline provide in-built features like dials, triggers, variables, and sliders developing interactives that are closer and similar to the Flash course.

    For Organizations, using HTML5 authoring tools can help develop an appealing training course for their workforce that encourages actively participation in the training and also retaining of the required information.
  3. Easy Language Translation

    As we aim to build compatible courses for our users, it is equally essential to provide them the ability to avail of the courses in their languages. As translating courses into multiple languages in Flash can be tiresome, HTML5 conversion makes it quick and appropriate.

    HTML5 authoring tools include features that allow easy translation of your courses into multiple languages. Thus, you can now reach your learners everywhere around the globe using Lectora Inspire, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Storyline. These support all your translation requirements and provide the opportunity of converting a single course into multiple languages as per your learner’s requirement. Also translation of HTML5 to web technology is native.

    For Organizations with diverse workforce or branches set across different geographies, using HTML5 is the best suitable option for creating training courses. Companies can now create one course and translate it further into different languages as required specifically by their workforce. This would be fascinating and easy to understand for all the employees.
  4. Engaging eLearning content

    For retaining employees, it is vital to create engaging content that keeps your employees hooked with your Company goals.

    Although, Flash provides the capability to play games and watch online videos, HTML5 provides enhanced and better options of developing interactive videos. Providing learners with an enriching multimedia experience, can be captivating. A video with instinctive elements that allow users to understand and experience real-time scenarios would definitely be intriguing. It also increases the recall ability.
  5. Reducing security concerns

    As Flash already faces a major challenge of incompatibility, there were complaints of Flash being the reason for the crashing of MAC computers. Thus, facing security challenges, Flash installations have always been highly doubtful. Also, once Flash is wiped out by Adobe, no security updates would be even further available.
  6. Cost effective

    Developing responsive content for multiple devices can help Companies save cost. Companies do not need to produce the same content for different platforms. Also, conversion of content from Flash to HTML5 is simpler. You do not have to produce from scratch. Hence, cost saved.

To Conclude

Hence, this is the right time to convert Flash files into HTML5 and make optimum use of its added benefits. Therefore, with ample time in hand, it is imperative that you start early and start it right.

However, if you’re worried about the cumbersome process, you can relax with all the support provided by Flash. Adobe is working with large companies like Microsoft, Alphabet, and Facebook to allow a smooth transition process.

Good planning starting now can help you to convert all your Flash content into HTML5. You will not lose any important documents. With HTML5 you can also gradually start providing responsive content to your audience that is easily accessible.
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