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Interactive videos: Don't just sit back. INDULGE YOURSELF IN LEARNING


In the present scenario, learning through videos is a widely practiced phenomenon. While the education system is endorsing video learning at a higher rate, corporates are engaging employees with videos for enhanced training. Video learning creates a higher impact with better retention value.

How can Interactive videos make your training manual engaging?

Corporates aim to provide employees with enriching experience and learning by conducting training programs through video learning. As videos provide viewers with appealing content, visual media eliminates boredom and monotony. However, long videos can sometimes be distracting. As viewers sit back and relax to watch videos, it can simultaneously be disinteresting. They can eventually affect viewers due to the passivity of the viewing experience.

However, interactive videos can be more immersive, involving viewers in an active mode. Interactive videos are the latest trending module for training and learning utilized by Organizations for employee participation.

To simply define the difference, interactive videos provide an online visual experience where viewers can touch an image or trigger an action on the screen. In interactive videos, viewers can control the actions on screens ‘what to do next’, and watch the unfolding of events. With characters responding to their decisions, the actions on screens drive an engaging experience.

Organizations, therefore, utilize Interactive videos replacing formal training sessions and performance support tools with augmented training sessions for effective involvement. Further, let’s understand a few key areas where interactive videos create a great fit:
  1. Interactive videos for Compliance training

    A compliance training program with hundreds of pages to read can be immensely boring. Yet, compliance management is any organization is critical. Thus, in the smart era, adding smart elements like contextual imagery, inline checks after each segment and trackable assets can be highly impactful. It definitely requires trainees to contribute, accordingly, creating receptive sessions.
  2. Interactive videos for corporate training

    Training for employees is a regular requirement in any Organization. While training employees, meeting customer expectation is also a must. Thus, training employees with interactive videos where information is shared in a logical format with regular intervals for viewer participation generates greater interest. Adding interactive elements to videos like questions, multiple-choice assessments, drag and drop feature, fill in the blanks hotspots on the screen, calculations demand actions from viewers. Such a learning experience provides viewers with a real-time understanding of their actions and consumer reactions. Thus, offering a scope of significant improvement in real-time scenarios.
  3. Interactive videos for soft skill training

    While training employees about Organizations, products and service is integral, Companies are also required to train and enhance employees on their skills. Interpersonal skills can be enriched with interactive elements like games and questionnaires, where employees understand their strengths and weakness. It is engaging, at the same time, farther riveting.
Additionally, interactive videos can be deployed for training purposes across various departments in an organization. They can be used for specific leadership training, product training, sales training, management training, finance management, and behavioral change. Interactive videos provide added benefits with stimulating learning experience for viewers. They also are a perfect platform for real-time performance tracking. Key benefits include-
  1. Active content consumption

    Losing interest in a video over a period of time is a common concern. Instead, in interactive videos eLearning content is vigorously consumed by viewers. The non-linear storytelling format in interactive videos allows viewers to not just view the content but also contribute. The viewers are required to complete each step before they move ahead. They rather now encompass the content with more meaningful learning.
  2. Thorough participation with Interactive elements

    As an added advantage, providing interactive videos with interactive elements can fetch advanced responses from viewers. A viewer is required to be swift and prompt. The video will not move forward until the viewers feed in their responses. Hence, in interactive videos, the viewers are always alert and reactive. They need to respond.
  3. Greater Retention value

    Traditional methods of content captivation do not fascinate a viewer. They would easily forget what is learned. However, with the immersive learning experience of interactive videos, viewers are not just consuming the content but also retaining. The content consumed through a dynamic platform is definitely retained for a longer time period.
  4. Improving Performance

    Gamification captures learners’ attentiveness and keeps them active throughout the session. Interactive elements like quizzes, puzzles, and competition keep the learner thoroughly occupied. It helps them to understand a Company and respond appropriately as per the objectives. Additionally, it also helps learners to understand how they are performing and what they can do better. Companies also get a clear understanding of how their workforce is performing and what they can further implement for improving their performances.
  5. Real-time Responses

    As interactive videos demand actions from viewers, participants can now be tracked and monitored. The videos are built with stages where viewer’s actions determine their learning. Hence, admins and trainers in Organizations can now gauge upon each stage of learning, along with, mark their performances with real-time responses. This also provides viewers a chance to better determine their skills and learning ability.
In the digital scenario, Interactive videos are being explored by Organization for learning and development purposes. Interactive videos can also be an inspiring experience in providing companies with an opportunity for future workforce retention.
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