A leading insurance company in Australia wanted to design a module for its agents who sell insurance to commercial clients. The module would help enhance the existing product knowledge of the agents. There were four products in all.


The insurance company wanted a sleek design with the ability to access the 4 products independently. Each product was to be a stand-alone discreet module.


Zilliobit worked with another partner on this project. Our partner was tasked with the instructional design while Zilliobit took up the development portion.

A website design was followed for the course. The 4 product module tiles were lined up as a horizontal banner while the topics under each were lined up vertically. A visual indicator was provided to indicate completion of each topic and module. At the end of each module, a summative Assessment to test the learner knowledge was provided. The module was not marked as complete if the learner did not pass the Assessment. Overall course completion was provided on successful completion of all 4 modules.

The course also included around 10 animations. While professional audio was included for Animations, the rest of the screens did not include audio.

Each module was around 30 minutes in duration and total course duration was 2 hours.

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