A leading media house implements a vintage them to allow content creators to increase their ability to identify legal risks in their content.


The media house wanted to creatively engage their content creators and teach them the key legal issues that can possibly arise while publishing content. These content creators were used to a very high standard of textual and visual content and it was imperative that the eLearning developed reflected this high standard.


The module was designed to use a vintage (1920s) theme which included video, images and text to introduce the learners to a fictitious news story. This same story was used throughout the module. With each screen, the story built up and questions were thrown in for the learners at each appropriate point testing them if it was correct to publish the information in the newspaper. For every incorrect answer, remedial feedback in the form of a hint was provided which led the learner back to the correct path.


The technology used to develop the Media Law module was ground up HTML5.


Appropriate sound effects and background score was added to the module to elevate the vintage theme.


The module did not follow a traditional navigation of Back and Next buttons. Completion of interaction allowed the learner to progress to the next piece of information.


The module was completely responsive and enabled for mobile phones and was deployed on Litmus LMS.

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