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Induction and Onboarding Training


Hiring the right candidate and keeping them on board for an extended period of time is a difficult task for any business. Furthermore, making them productive at the same time is a major challenge that nearly all organizations face today. According to research, if your organization does not have a proper system in place, your employees will most likely leave over the course of a year, increasing your company’s turnover rate. A high turnover rate has negative impacts on both organization image and economic status. This issue can be avoided by including right induction training as part of your onboarding and orientation process.

What role does Induction and Onboarding Training play in organizations?

Induction is the process of introducing a new employee to the job and the culture of the organization. The induction training programme covers topics such as hazards, risks, and safety, documentation requirements, compliance, and methods of reporting incidents and hazards. It also includes an employee handbook, training courses, payroll information, and company policies. When a new employee starts, they always have mixed feelings about how things will turn out. They observe and participate in the company’s induction mechanism. Because recruiting is both time-consuming and expensive. Once you’ve found the right candidates, you should make their onboarding experience as memorable as possible. Induction and onboarding training helps employees understand a company’s culture, aligning them with the company’s goals, and reducing overall time-to-productivity. A better induction programme can help to reduce the company’s turnover rate.

How will Zilliobit help in creating the Induction and Onboarding programme?

We understand that every organization faces unique challenges, so there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Zilliobit creates bespoke and full-proof plans after thoroughly understanding organizational needs. Rather than focusing solely on completing the induction and onboarding processes, we base our strategy on employee experiences, feelings, and observations. Zilliobit specializes in developing digital experiences that not only engage but also connect with employees. We have several systematic approaches in place to carry out this programme as follows:
  1. Blended learning

    In Blended learning approach, we combine instructor-led training with digital learning byte to improve focused and goal-oriented learning
  2. Microlearning

    Microlearning method is the most engaging and time efficient because it involves learning information in small chunks at a time.
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

    AR/VR aids in the creation of immersive learning, enhancing an employee’s learning experience.
  4. Gamified Learning

    Gamification is the process of incorporating game mechanics into non-game contexts to make training more engaging. This includes a variety of formats such as interactive videos, gamified quizzes, and so on.
  5. Social/Collaborative Learning and Personalization

    We believe that orientation is just as important as induction, so we have Collaborative learning with Personalization based on role, region, or business unit.
  6. Scenario based learning

    Scenario based learning method is used to make important policies and procedures more interesting by incorporating real-world scenarios into the training.
  7. Learning Portal

    LMSs, LXPs, and Learning Portals are critical components of the induction and onboarding process. Having the right learning portal is recommended to maximize the impact of induction.

What is the impact of Zilliobit’s Induction and Onboarding Training programmes?

Our customized strategy and programme proved to be a full proof solution to increase the productivity of on boarded employees thereby increasing overall ROI of the employer. Our programmes assisted employees in understanding the company culture and goals. It made them socially engaged and gave them a sense of security for their future growth by aligning them with the company’s goals. The learning experiences that we bring to the induction and onboarding programme have proven to be an accelerator in making your new hire productive in less time. Using our programme, we helped many organizations retaining their talent pool by lowering turnover rates by 90%. Over the years, we have developed award-winning induction and onboarding courses for many organizations.
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